Renstar Donates Toys to Skill Day Center

Renstar Donates Toys to Skill Day Center

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Throughout the month of December, Renstar employees donated toys to the Skill Day Center in Ocala, FL. The toys are collected at various locations throughout Ocala and are eventually brought to the gymnasium of Redeemer Christian School, where they are organized and placed on tables by age range.

Families in need of assistance that are involved with the Skill Day Center fill out an application earlier in the year with the Skill Day Center to be invited to the Christmas Store. Selected applicants then come in and shop for their children. All the toys are sold for 90% off their original price. After choosing the items, the parents have the toys wrapped at a gift-wrapping station and then proceed to “check-out” and purchase the toys for the reduced price.

Lynn Craggs, one of the three owners of Renstar Medical Research, has been personally involved with the toy drive for 7 years. “The Christmas Store is my most favorite part of Christmas,” Lynn said. “I love to shop for the toys and I usually start shopping around October or November.”

Every year, Lynn has been designated as a “wrapper.” She said she enjoys this job the most because she gets to talk with the parents and grandparents of the children, and if the opportunity presents itself, it could be a time to talk about the gospel.

“I don’t like to think of them as needy,” Lynn said. “They just have different circumstances.”

With donations from Renstar and several other businesses, organizations and individuals, the Skill Day Center was able to provide gifts for 165 children, each of the children receiving 4 gifts. There were 32 families invited this year to participate in the Christmas Store.

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  • Debra Henderson
    January 6, 2017 6:55 pm

    Awesome job Renstar Family & a special thanks to Lynn Craggs for her continued dedication to such a wonderful event!