Renstar Employee Spotlight: Angella Pitts, CCRC

Renstar Employee Spotlight: Angella Pitts, CCRC

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You could consider Angella Pitts a “Research Superhero”.

Originally born in St. Petersburg, FL, Angella has spent the entire 11 years of her research career at Renstar Medical Research in Ocala. Prior to working in research, Angella was a member of the Air Force and worked in the medical division.

As her role as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Renstar, Angella  currently works on our Alzheimer clinical trials. During her career at Renstar, she has also worked on diabetes, migraine and fibromyalgia studies.

When Angella isn’t busy, she enjoys doing Crossfit. So it’s no surprise that Angella’s favorite superhero is The Hulk. Her favorite Crossfit exercise is back squats. She recently competed in a Crossfit competition in Winter Springs, FL where her team placed 15th out of the 30 teams present at the competition.

When asked about her favorite type of studies, there was no hesitation in her response.

“My favorite studies to work on are the Alzheimer’s trials,” Angella said. “It’s because the possibilities are endless.”

Angella adds that her favorite part about working at Renstar is the people she works with and the company’s mentality towards their employees.

Some say superheroes perform extraordinary tasks on a daily basis. But what they often do best is inspire and motivate others to do great things, and this describes Angella.

**Angella will be at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 in Tuscawilla Park in downtown Ocala supporting Alzheimer’s research. Renstar is this year’s Presenting Sponsor and will host a pre-walk reception breakfast. For more information, visit the official Ocala Walk to End Alzheimer’s site at