Renstar Employee Spotlight: Ann Spinella

Renstar Employee Spotlight: Ann Spinella

If anyone knows anything about finance, it is Ann Spinella. Ann has worked at Renstar Medical Research for 15 years in the finance department. You could say Ann knows a thing or two about money.

Ann Theresa Spinella was born on October 29, 1935, in Scranton, PA. She moved to Florida in 1955 where she first lived in Miami, but later settled in Ocala, where she has spent the last 35 years.

But Ann’s work history goes much further back than her accounting position at Renstar. Her first job was in a factory making men’s trousers. From there, she moved to the Pennsylvania Railroad where she calculated the weight of train cars. Then, it was to a lumber yard where she calculated the length of boards for invoicing. Over the years, she worked with a title company and even built a small horse ranch in Ocala where she boarded horses and bred thoroughbreds. She also worked for a custom home builder where she ran the office, helped with blueprints and interior decorating. Finally, in 2003, Ann joined the Renstar family. “What I love about working at Renstar is, well, mostly everything!” Ann said. “My most memorable moment here was my 70th birthday party. It was really special to me.”

Ann’s favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, where she could make a meal just out of the salad and breadsticks alone. She enjoys watching Turner Classic Movies, so it is no surprise her favorite movie is the 1942 hit romance Random Harvest, premiering entirely in black and white and starring Ronald Colman and Greer Garson. Ann’s biggest inspiration is Jesus. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, shopping, watching television, and spending time with her granddaughter, Desarae. Her favorite food is a good steak; her favorite color is blue; and her favorite cartoon character is Donald Duck.

What is one of Ann’s pet peeves? She clearly states that it is the behavior of the crazy drivers around town. “My pet peeve? It’s those people that do not warn you they are making a turn, and then turn their signal on once they are in the turn lane!”

Finally, this employee spotlight could not be complete unless I asked Ann about her most embarrassing moment.

“We went to my husband’s company Christmas party with another couple, and when we were leaving, we ask the valet to get our car. He brought one that looked like ours, but was newer. I, the only one who had not been drinking that night, kept telling my husband it was the wrong car; but he drove it home anyway. About 20 minutes after we got to bed, we heard this commotion outside our home. It was the police! There were two police cars with their lights on and needless to say, they were there for the car we had stolen. All our neighbors came out to watch the show. So, we got up and drove the car back to the person’s house that owned it and got our car back.”

One of the most famous lines from Ann’s favorite movie, Random Harvest, takes place between the two main characters, Smithy and Paula. Smithy exclaims that he is not sure who he even is. Paula quickly adds, “Well, I know who you are. You’re someone awfully nice.” That is exactly how we feel about Ann.

The Renstar family wants to extend a warm thank you for all of Ann’s hard work over the past 15 years with many more to come!