Renstar Employee Spotlight: Bonnie Cunningham

Renstar Employee Spotlight: Bonnie Cunningham

As staff and visitors walk through the front door of Renstar Medical Research, they are greeted by Bonnie’s contagious smile and warm welcome.  As the front desk receptionist at Renstar, she has a variety of responsibilities, and if perchance she has any downtime, she is quick to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Bonnie has always had a love for greasy, Southern fried chicken.  Her favorite restaurant is Sam’s St John’s where she can sample all of her favorite seafood.  Dessert, you ask?  Bonnie loves nothing more than a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Bonnie’s husband Rick is the most influential person in her life.  He is her rock and her foundation. In May, they will be married 35 years.  “He has taught me what true love is all about,” Bonnie said.  But if she could have a dinner date with any celebrity, she would choose Tim Tebow.  However, she hasn’t told Rick yet.

If you’ve visited Bonnie’s desk, you would have noticed her passion for birds.  You can find them in her hanging ornaments, in her pictures, and in her small figurines of all types.  “My love for birds started as a little girl growing up in Kentucky.  A bird called the Bobwhite caught my attention, and I would roam the fields on the farm looking for them,” Bonnie said.  “When I moved to Florida, my favorite bird became the pelican.”

Moving to Florida led her to many different employment opportunities, such as working as a preschool teacher and working in the lab at Munroe Regional Hospital for 11 years.   However, she made Renstar Medical Research her home almost 10 years ago, starting in the Quality Assurance Department.  “I have met some wonderful people at Renstar.  Some have moved on, while others are still here,” Bonnie said.  “There is such a family atmosphere among the employees.”

When Bonnie isn’t working, she is most likely painting her granddaughter Mackenzie’s toenails or cheering on her grandson Jalen at his skate practice.  You may also find her on the boat with Rick, fishing and soaking up the sunrays.

Wherever she is, her loving smile and personality are not far behind.