Renstar Employee Spotlight: Deanna Buffill

Renstar Employee Spotlight: Deanna Buffill

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If anyone at Renstar knows anything about Deanna Buffill, it’s that she loves Disney – and everything that goes with it!

Deanna was born in Hialeah, Florida, located in Miami-Dade County. She has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for 35 years and has worked as a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator for the past 18 years.

Deanna’s biggest inspiration is her dad. She watched him work hard all her life to support their family, and he always acted in the best interest of Deanna, her sisters, and her mom. But it was his dedication and full-time physical and emotional support to Deanna’s mom that was most inspirational to her. Deanna’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 59 and passed away 6 years later. Deanna’s father was her full time caregiver, and he never once complained, even though it was taking a toll on him.

So how did Deanna become so obsessed with Disney? It all started as a child when she visited many times, and eventually, would take her own kids on their birthdays as a present. She started collecting anything Disney-related she could find.

Deanna met her husband Charles in 1991 at church. They married in September of 1996. It was no surprise that Charles loved Disney almost as much as Deanna! “It made my Disney obsession stronger because he loves it, too,” said Deanna. “He is my Mickey, and I am his Minnie.”

When Deanna is lounging around her house, you can find her watching her two favorite shows, “Cops” and “Survivor.” Her favorite movie is “Grease.”  She saw it 16 times in the movie theater when it first came out, which was when Deanna was 16 years old. She can recite every word in the movie and can sing along to all the songs.

If you catch Deanna out at a restaurant, she will be at TGI Friday’s, eating Sizzling Chicken and Cheese with no onions and no peppers.

Deanna has three children. They are Justin, 35; Jesse, 33; and Amanda, 30. She also has six grandchildren, who are Sebastian, 15 months; Anya, 1 ½; Jacob, 3 ½; Adyson, 3½; Rayden, 10; and Beau, 11.

Deanna has worked at Renstar for 11 years. She enjoys interacting with her patients and learning all the new research information for different studies.

“Working at Renstar is like being a part of one big family.”