Renstar Employee Spotlight: Marybeth Hunter

Renstar Employee Spotlight: Marybeth Hunter

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The work of a Regulatory Director is never done.

Marybeth has been working at Renstar Medical Research in Ocala for 17 years. She was one of the first employees at Renstar, and since the beginning of her employment, has always worked in Regulatory. The department is responsible for various approvals and important study-mandated documents across all studies in which Renstar participates.

Prior to working at Renstar, Marybeth worked as an Assistant Manager at a family-style restaurant in Rhode Island where she was born. Once she moved to Florida, she worked in the front office at a urology clinic in Ocala.

When Marybeth is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Marybeth has two daughters: Tristan, 16, and Brianna, 29. She also has two granddaughters: Jazelyn, 2, and Jewelianna, 6.

You can usually catch Marybeth in the afternoon warming up, what she considers her favorite “food group,” a cup of coffee. Marybeth will never turn down a bowl of ice cream. Her favorite restaurant is Yamato’s where you can catch her ordering the fried rice.

When flipping through the channels to watch television at home, she likes to watch just about anything on HGTV. Her all-time favorite movie is Fried Green Tomatoes.

Her most memorable moment while working at Renstar was in 2004, the year Ocala was hit by three hurricanes: Jeanne, Ivan, and Charlie. “Renstar employees found a network to check on each other. We made sure we were all doing okay during and after the storms.” So it is no surprise that one of the many reasons Marybeth enjoys working at Renstar is because of the people with whom she works.

Renstar is thankful to have Marybeth as a part of the team!