What is Lipoprotein(a)?

Lipoprotein(a) is also known as Lp(a). It’s a protein that carries cholesterol (a type of fat) and proteins in your blood. People with high Lp(a) have a higher risk for heart disease.

Who can have high levels of Lp(a) in their blood?

Around 1 in 5 people have high levels of Lp(a). The level of Lp(a) in your blood is decided by your genes. You may have a high level of Lp(a) even if you have a healthy lifestyle or are taking other medicine for your cholesterol.  You should get screened for Lp(a) if you or someone in your family:

  • has been diagnosed with high Lp(a), or
  • had a heart attack or stroke at a young age.
How do we test for Lp(a)?

A simple blood test can measure your Lp(a) level. However, Lp(a) is not usually tested during routine blood tests.

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