Our Team

Meet our Team!

Renstar Medical Research has brought together a group of experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience. Our highly qualified clinical and non-clinical research professionals have participated in over 700 industry-sponsored trials.  Each individual of our patient-centered team is committed to our organizational goals of bringing higher standards of quality to clinical research through the deliberate selection and on-going training of each team member from our Investigators to our clinical and non-clinical research staff.

Our site is designed to allow us to respond quickly to industry demands, and we are happy to conduct site visits with Sponsors or CROs interested in learning more about us. For more detailed information about our organizational capabilities please contact us.

A sample of our unique site resources:
  • In-house project managers. Our experienced project management team combines years of experience in both project management and team building from both industry and academic backgrounds. Our project management team’s primary focus is ensuring patient safety, data quality, and meeting Sponsor and CRO enrollment expectations through milestone tracking, continual improvement of site processes, and the professional development of our staff.
  • Recruitment and community outreach specialists. These individuals are a key component in successful recruitment, enrollment and retention in our trials. Many hours are spent designing customized recruitment plans for each protocol that include a wide-variety of traditional and digital media.
  • Full-time certified clinical research study nurses and coordinators. Renstar’s study nurses and coordinators do not have other responsibilities outside of research in contrast to those often found conducting research in a private practice, hospital, or university setting. This allows our coordinators to focus on patient safety, retention, and responding quickly to Sponsor and CRO requests. The clinical research trial experience among our clinical study coordinators includes backgrounds in nursing, respiratory therapy, radiology and other medical specialties.
  • On-site pharmacists and pharmacy staff. Our on-site pharmacists have years of experience in and outside of clinical research.  All are trained in the preparation of Investigational Products currently used in clinical trials including immunotherapy and biological products.